The Ethical Hedonist Magazine

A Luxury Organic Magazine arts, entertainment, food and fashion magazine with social and environmental impact for the Cultured and Intelligent Reader Who Appreciates Great Journalism and Storytelling

The Ethical Hedonist Magazine is a high quality luxury organic magazine focused on the arts, entertainment, food,  fashion and natural health. Our goal is to inspire inform, educate and inspire ideas around organic, biodynamic and sustainable living. Our key topics are: are iconic arts and entertainment features and interviews, organic and biodynamic food and sustainable fashion. We also cover slow luxury travel, organic health and wellbeing, gardening, mental health, and real dating. We don’t preach. That’s not our style.  Alison Jane, our journalist founder wanted to create an unashamedly glamorous, intelligent sustainable magazine for the discerning, intelligent consumer who would love to be easier, ethical luxury choices. One who is smart, aspirational, compassionate and health-conscious.

Our passion is for authentic journalism, great storytelling and the ability to write and captivate an audience. Alison Jane Reid, our founder and editor has a twenty-year track record on national newspapers and colour supplements, including a decade at The Times Magazine as a feature writer on icons and fashion director. She is renowned for her rare ability to draw her interview subjects out and reveal what really makes them tick from Sir David Attenborough to Colin Morgan and the Stars of Downton Abbey.  AJ’s other passions are writing about fashion and championing the slow, sustainable fashion movement and writing about organic and local food and reinventing favourite recipes for guilt-free delicious cooking.

Enjoy AJ’s interviews, comment pieces and letters and become part of the wonderful community we are creating around the globe. We are also building our team of talented journalist contributors. They include Rebecca O’Connor, a former Times money journalist, and our contributing ‘Good with Money’ editor. Look out for her monthly column with great ideas on how to make your banking, insurance, energy and investments greener. We also have a stable of specialist contributors writing on: stress, cookery, astrology, dating, natural health and finance.

Alison Jane is also passionate about championing journalism and we hope to launch a special bursary soon, to award paid assignments and internships at the magazine.