Sophie Fenton Hobbs

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Roast Spiced Mackerel

A thoran is a Keralan dish flavoured with coconut, curry leaves and chilli. In this version, we're using desiccated coconut, which needs soaking in hot water before using.

Lemon and Herb Chicken Goujons

This is as close to a chicken nugget as you are likely to see from us. Strips of organic chicken, breadcrumbed and fried until crisp and golden.

EH Business Responsible Luxury Business Club

Join our responsible luxury business club to harness the benefits of iconic storytelling and journalistic excellence and track record for your organic, circular and responsible brand.

Summer Pavlova

Have a scrumptious pudding after a summer BBQ with this pavlova from Riverford organic.

Puttanesca Steak and Parmesan Mash

Make these gorgeous rump steaks served with an Italian inspired tomato & red wine sauce, an everso-slightly indulgent Parmesan mash and some vibrant greens.

Watermelon, Strawberry & Basil Ice Lollies

Make these ice lollies this summer to cool down in the hot weather, and do it organic!


Nourishing and delicious, this Food of the Gods, aka kicharee, recipe is fantastic with a teaspoon of organic ghee.
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