Yvonne de Carlo in Song of Scheherazade 1947.

Dear Readers, Remember the name Scheherazade.

You've probably noticed the subtle changes to the magazine. Our focus is on the arts and entertainment and more interviews with actors and icons and the rebranding of the magazine as an independent arts and culture magazine with a primary focus on film and drama, followed by fashion and food. The ethics come as standard, which is a better fit for us.

Exciting changes are afoot and one of them is an imminent and very important name change to reflect my full-time return to what I do best - writing about film, drama, actors and icons past and present on and off this magazine.

Audrey Hepburn in Charade with Cary Grant. 

While I love the name Ethical Hedonist, it no longer reflects the overall direction of the magazine. The pandemic and now Brexit have both been very tough for journalists, writers and the arts and culture. The past year has clearly demonstrated who are real fans and readers are. Ninety per cent of our support for subscriptions and live events comes from film and drama fans, not from the so called ethical sector. In truth, it has always been so. I am sad to say, but time and time again we have done some incredible features on ethical fashion, the circular economy and  local and organic food and they have not been supported enough by readers or businesses to be financially sustainable.

Theo James and Rose Williams in Sanditon- Read AJ's Hit Review in Our Arts and Culture Section.

We are a culture magazine and we are head over heels in love with writing about film, drama and actors with ethics rather than an ethical magazine with an arts and culture section.  I feel EH would work better as a column for our fashion, food and travel pages which will continue to explore and champion the very best of organic, biodynamic, circular, vintage and social impact ideas from the vantage point of responsible luxury. I also feel that we can have more impact with ideas around regenerative food and slow fashion through interviews with actors and A list stars with the power to inspire change.

So, as we seek to enchant you with our film and drama editorials and the new live culture show we need  an unforgettable, enchanting, get under your skin name that reflects what we are all about which is feature writing and storytelling. I've noticed that all the best culture magazines have curious, playful or clever names.  

Editor and Journalist Alison Jane Reid with Jenny Agutter, Star of Call the Midwife, The Railway Children, Equus, Spooks and Walkabout.

Ever since I was a little girl I have always been captivated by the story of Scheherazade, the vizier's daughter and master storyteller in the Tales of a Thousand and One Nights. My dad used to read me stories about Aladdin,Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. On Saturday afternoons he would also play Scheherazade the stunning symphony composed by Nikolai Rimsky Korsakov. This piece of music affects me profoundly each time I hear it. I think of my dad, my childhood and how it nurtured by love of writing.

Did you  know that Scheherazade volunteered to marry the sultan Shahryar, even though she knew that he might behead her after their first night together as revenge for the wife who had been unfaithful to him. Shahryar branded all women the same!

Yvonne de Carlo in Song of Scheherazade 1947

Fortunately, Shahryar had never met a woman quite like  Scheherazade! Towards dawn she would begin to  tell the sultan a story and she would stop the story just as she reached the most exciting part. As a result the sultan spared Scheherazade and she continued to enthral him  each night with  wondrous stories until he fell madly in love with her and cancelled his brutal edict that his new bride should be killed.

As a feature writer, I often feel like  Scheherazade, minus the sultan to please! I live to tell stories and I have been in love with writing about film, drama and actors ever since my first review of the sixties film Belle de Jour starring Catherine Deneuve landed me an internship on my local newspaper after university. Later I interviewed Scheherazade Goldsmith the It Girl who married Zac Goldsmith and the name resonated all over again.

AJ Presents a Glamorous Slow Fashion Catwalk and Organic Afternoon Tea Party

We need a new name that reflects my love of storytelling. A name that is unforgettable and that some will need to wrestle with the spelling! Because that is rather the point. I want the magazine to enchant you and make a big impression. We want to be the best independent culture magazine from Seattle to Glasgow, Florence to New York.  So, I have bought the domain -www.scheherazademagazine.com !!!

So dear readers, what do you think? Do you love it? Or hate it? Before we make the change, we want to ensure that you are most committed readers absolutely love the name and that you will help us make the transition as smoothly as possible and tell everyone so that we can minimise disruption and focus on putting on the Pride and Prejudice Soiree as soon as we can.

Please Tweet to me, email me and tell me what you think and use the hashtag #LoveScheherazade to tell me you approve! Of course, I am open to other suggestions but it will have to be something wonderful that is available as a domain.

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