Theo James as Mr Sidney Parker and Rose Williams as Charlotte Heywood in Jane Austen's Sanditon

Sanditon News Flash! Who would like to come to one of our crowdfunded live culture shows in support of our independent arts and culture magazine devoted to #savesanditon and to celebrate you the fans?

When @MariannS18 reached out to me on Twitter and asked if I  would put on a special Sanditon Culture Show for the fans and interview some of you about how this evocative, beautifully realised Jane Austen period drama has changed your life, I thought it was a wonderful idea. Let's make it happen.

The show will focus on a remarkable year of campaigning to secure a second series of Jane Austen's final novel fragment about Miss Charlotte Heywood's coming of age, entrepreneurship and Austen's first bi-racial heroine brought to vivid, picaresque life by Red Planet Pictures, PBS and ITV

The #SaveSanditon Brean Beach Stunt Crowdfunded by Sanditon Sister 2 Read the News Story Below.

The live show would be a showcase for the remarkable Sanditon fandom and the marvellous talent on display from art to storytelling. The idea is for me to interview a cross-section of fans from different countries with their art, storytelling and stories of inspiration and friendship. A Q & A debate on the trends in period drama will follow and then we will have some virtual giveaways before the show closes. Everyone who takes part will receive an edited recording of the to keep and treasure.

I will also reveal heart-warming stories of new friendships forged across our globe from Texas to Isfahan, Munich to Tokyo and Athens to the Outer Hebrides and more. Yes, Sanditon is a global phenomenon.

Charlotte and Sidney Fan Art by Artist Maria Fotaki

Now I need to gauge interest and support. I need to be very clear that after being very generous with my time and writing a popular Sanditon Review and the Brean Beach Stunt  news feature, I need your support for this independent arts culture magazine.  We are literally surviving from one month to the next after a year of Covid and the loss of all magazine income for almost a year and a disgraceful lack of government support for the creative sector in the UK. We will need to cover professional journalistic time, production and editing costs and a Zoom extension should a 100 or more fans wish to take part.

The Limited Edition Sanditon Keepsake Printed Review by Editor and Journalist Alison Jane Reid with Donated Fan Art by Maria Fotaki and Stevie 76

I would also like to sell the rest of our keepsake Sanditon Review, which includes the popular long form Sanditon Review, the Brean Beach Stunt, an Essay on the Impact of #Sidlotte and Pride and Prejudice V Sanditon.

If we can get commitment from a 100 Sanditon fans or more, we can offer tickets to the show to all for £10 per ticket and cover our media costs. Please leave a comment if you would like to take part and will definitely support and share with the hashtags #EHSanditonLiveShow #Save Sanditon #SanditonPBS -  Thank you, AJ, Rachel and Team Ethical Hedonist Magazine

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Who Will #SaveSanditon? Asks Simon Beck’s Spectacular Sand Art Stunt at Brean Beach
Who will #SaveSandition? Sanditon fans are desperate for a second season of the iconic period drama series Sanditon after it was cut after its first season. They are doing anything they can for Sanditon season 2 which includes spectacular beach art by land artist Simon Beck!

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