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The Secret Life of Coco Chanel

Living with Chanel, an extract from Caroline Young's New Book on how places, travel, people and her early life in a convent shapes Chanel's revolutionary fashion ideas.

At Home with Chanel, Chocolate Queen Chantal Coady & Glamcycled Couture!

Coco Chanel and artisan queen of chocolate, Chantal Coady are the themes for the next Ethical Hedonist Live Culture Show. Journalist Alison Jane Reid will be joined on the virtual sofa by Chanel author Caroline Young and Chantal Coady for a night of eternal style in fashion and chocolate.

Support Your Favourite Organic Culture Magazine for Bridgerton, The Sanditon Review, Slow Glam, Foodie Stories & VIP Rewards

First look at Bridgerton, the Arrival of the Sanditon Review, Magazine Subscriptions, Slow Glam, Organic Foodie Recipes and Our Exciting Live Magazine Culture Show. Support your Favourite Indie Culture Magazine with A Subscription today.

EH Film & Foodie Culture Show Dec 2020

Watch AJ's Culture Show Filmed Live at England's Hottest Garden, with Hollywood Actress Britt Rentschler, Slow Down Guru Carl Honore and Chef Brad Roe.

An Evening with Josh Pyman, Co-Star Tiny Pretty Things

Actor Josh Pyman is the break-out star of Tiny Pretty Things on Netflix. Josh won best actor nomination for his first romantic lead in the film Plantonic. He will be talking to our editor AJ about film, directors and topics he cares about including mental health.

Film of the Week - Uncle Frank

Uncle Frank Starring Paul Bettany and Sophia Lillis is our film of the week writes Journalist Alison Jane Reid. This is a film about family, love, persecution and acceptance with wonderful writing. Watch it for Paul Bettany's quietly brilliant central performance.

Britt Rentschler Talking Uncle Frank, Farmers Markets, Feminism & Her Wonderful Aunt.

An interview with actress Britt Rentschler. Britt is a film and stage actress based in LA. She is a member of Mensa and can be seen in Uncle Frank, a film about family, persecution and acceptance. It features a brilliant central performance by Paul Bettany.
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