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Dame Helen Mirren Champions the Marvels of Books in a Christmas Appeal

Dame Helen Mirren Champions this Christmas UK Reading Appeal to deliver books to children and teenagers in deprived areas of the UK to transform lives through books and to nurture imagination.

The Crown Dazzles as Entertainment but has it Descended into an Unjust Soap Opera?

The Crown Season Four is Riveting Television writes journalist Alison Jane Reid. Just don't believe a word of what you see, especially in its harsh and unjust portrait of Prince Charles. Charles is more organic man than a Machiavellian Richard the third.

The Queen's Gambit Review

Drop everything to watch the Queen's Gambit and Anya Taylor-Joy in this brilliant coming of age story about a teenage chess protege declares Arts Journalist Alison Jane Reid writing for Ethical Hedonist Magazine, the independent Arts and Culture Magazine.

Emily in Paris has Been Indefinitely Detained in the City of Love!

Emily in Paris is a hit and Netflix has announced that it Lily Collins and Ashley Park will return in the lead roles for series 2 of Darren Star's sequel to Sex and the City.

Emily in Paris Review - Let us Eat Cake, Dress in Haute Couture and Make Love to Chef Gabriel!

A long-form review of Emily in Paris, Darren Star's romantic comedy follow up to Sex and the City starring Lily Collins, Lucas Bravo and Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu.

Sanditon, Birthday Wishes, Crowdfunding and Storytelling Rocks from Hamedan to Texas!

Journalist Alison Jane Reid thanks readers in her birthday letter for supporting arts journalism and our crowdfunded Sanditon Review

Dear Netflix, Google and Readers, Support the Arts Journalists Who Write About Drama and Film that Makes the World Buzz!

Arts and Magazine Journalist Alison Jane Reid Asks the internet giants and readers to support quality journalism which is in crisis.
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