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The Golden Goddess Cocktail

This is a glass of pure fiery fun. It’s a fabulously spicy drink – perfect for those summer evenings. What you need: 3 Turmeric Gold Pukka tea bags (Available in our shop) 25 ml gin 1 tsp lemon juice 1/2 tsp honey ginger ale enough to top up each

Wildly In Love Gin Cocktail

Pukka is FairWild certified. This certification is about protecting wild plant species and the beauty of their natural habitats. To celebrate, here is a specially concocted cocktail by our founder Seb, to celebrate wild plants and harvesting them fairly. With FairWild gin and our Pukka Love Tea, which contains FairWild

Sopwell House Rose Garden Cocktail

Rose Garden Cocktail Served in a Dainty Watering Can   Sopwell House hasn’t just stopped to smell the roses – they have mixed them into a summer cocktail and devised a bloomin’ marvellous Rose Garden Cocktail, served in its very own mini watering can. Head Barman, Terry Woods, has combined

It's World Gin Day! Let's Drink a Sopwell House G&Tea

World Gin Day Recipe: Sopwell House’s G&Tea It’s World Gin Day today!  We do adore a refreshing, bespoke G&Tea in the sunshine, especially, in St Alban’s, one of England’s great historic hot spots! In the spirit of World Gin

Upcycled Stationary and Naughty Mahiki Cocktail

Catwalk Stationary from Fashion Offcuts Kapdaa are a growing business in the rise of the slow, sustainable fashion industry. The company specialises in collecting the scraps and offcuts of designer materials and transforming them into something new and desirable. Rising from the ashes, “left-over” pieces of fabric which would have

Homemade Bloody Mary Cocktail

Homemade Bloody Mary Cocktail As artisan cocktails packed with superfoods are topping the London trend list, Rewfus from The 43 Club shares with us his recipe to make an organic Bloody Mary cocktail at home. So get some seasonal tomatoes, basil, a few spices, a little port and vodka and&

Hey Wild Food Thing. How About a Scorpion Cocktail?

Are you ready to walk on the wild side, when it comes to your culinary adventures? From July 22nd – 26th there is a daring and spectacular pop up that is all about wild and foraged food. It’s a seriously cool event, not to be missed…. Radical
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