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Wholistic Shatavari: Organic Rocket Fuel for Girls!

Want woman wouldn't want the superpowers of a 100 husbands? Shatavari is root renowned in Ayurvedic Medicine as an adaptogen and tonic for women. Read more about its benefits in this informative natural health article on stress, energy and anxiety.

Functional Medicine: Are You Ready to Ditch Your Diseases Asks Dr Ibrahim FRCP?

Dr Ibrahim, A leading functional doctor and ex NHS hospital consultant asks are you ready to ditch your chronic diseases from cancer to diabetes and anxiety and be well?

Seven Life-Sustaining Benefits of Trees

A feature about the life-sustaining benefits of trees.

Spirituality - How to Find the Wonder and Energy in Life with Dr. William Bloom

How to find peace of mind with modern spirituality practice. Could a new approach hold the key to better mental health, less stress, and the longed-for calm, no matter what life throws our way? Dr. William Bloom, Founder of the Spiritual Companions Trust and one of the most respected UK

How to Fix Anaemia and Low Iron Levels

The EH Guide to Anaemia, Low Iron Levels  and Iron Deficiency Seeing Red – How to Recover from Anaemia, Low Iron and Iron Deficiency   Alison Jane going for a stroll with Monty energy levels restored thanks to Hema-Plex and a diet rich in natural iron sources. Picture Elisabetta Landoni Iron is

Seasonal Allergies ? Try Baobab and Bee Pollen Yoghurt

Seasonal Allergies ? Try Baobab and Bee Pollen Yoghurt – Serves 1 So easy and delicious the ingredients in this organic yoghurt will help to support your immune system, helping you cope with seasonal allergies better. Yogurt with Baobab, Berries and Bee Pollen Ingredients Bee Pollen* – 1 teaspoonNatural allergy relief Baobab* – 2

The Emerald News B&Q Teabag Revolution

B&Q serves up an eco packaging revolution with teabag technology! B&Q have announced plans to replace all polystyrene packaging across its range of bedding plants with innovative new technology inspired by the humble teabag; how fitting that the porous material behind the nations favourite beverage, is
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