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Seasonal Allergies ? Try Baobab and Bee Pollen Yoghurt

Seasonal Allergies ? Try Baobab and Bee Pollen Yoghurt – Serves 1 So easy and delicious the ingredients in this organic yoghurt will help to support your immune system, helping you cope with seasonal allergies better. Yogurt with Baobab, Berries and Bee Pollen Ingredients Bee Pollen* – 1 teaspoonNatural allergy relief Baobab* – 2

The Emerald News B&Q Teabag Revolution

B&Q serves up an eco packaging revolution with teabag technology! B&Q have announced plans to replace all polystyrene packaging across its range of bedding plants with innovative new technology inspired by the humble teabag; how fitting that the porous material behind the nations favourite beverage, is
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