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Organic Chicken with Olives, Fennel, Potatoes, Lemon and Thyme

Baked organic chicken with the flavours of the Mediterranean with olives, fennel, thyme, potatoes and lemon. The recipe is from our friends at Riverford Organic, farm to fork organic food heroes.

Scallops with Butternut Squash Puree, Charred Chilli Pear & Pea and Tarragon Bisque

Ventnor Botanic Chef Brad Roe Shares his recipe for hand-dived wild scallops with seasonal butternut squash, chilli pear and pea. and tarragon. Brad uses some curious and delicious botanical ingredients from England's hottest garden in his colourful and delicious seasonal menus.

Flourless Chocolate, Chestnut and Rosemary Cake

A sumptuous flourless chocolate cake with the requisite fudgy gooey, rich texture from Skye McAlpine's cookbook a Table for Friends, published by Bloomsbury.

Skye McAlpine's Venetian Cook-Along, Superfood Grass-Fed Meat, the Problem with Carbs and Satin PJ's....

Journalist Alison Jane Reid Writes about the pleasures of slow organic cooking from Grass-fed meat to Skye McAlpine's Borough Market cook-in with a recipe for a festive almond and chestnut chocolate cake from her colourful Venice kitchen.

Quick Organic Paleo Bread with Walnuts and Hazelnuts

Organic, Gluten-free paleo bread recipe that is super quick, no fuss and it is easy to add different ingredients such walnuts or olives and feta.

Support Our Ethical Hedonist Magazine Crowfunder and Let's Create a Better World Together

The Organic and Ethical Community Need to Urgently Support Ethical Media! Support our Organic Culture and Living Magazine via our crowdfunding campaign as we launch subscriptions, a club and magazine nights to survive and thrive!

Rose Water - The Beauty Secret Loved By Our Grandmother’s

Take a tip from your grandmother and start using organic rosewater to hydrate your skin, warm your heart and lift the senses. It's also a great example of affordable organic luxury.
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