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Avant Habit - Talking Wearable, Circular Fine Art Fashion

Arts and Culture Journalist Alison Jane Reid in conversation with circular fashion founder, Noshua Wilson from Avant Habit. Avant Habit is a canvas for fine artists. It helps them make a living by offering ethical, wearable, organic fashion as an art form.

Avant Habit - Circular Fashion for Modern Blue Stockings & Patrons of the Arts

Avant Habit is a circular, organic and ethical fine art as a fashion house. At lover and CSR expert, Noshua Wilson champions her fine art friends with wearable art writes journalist Alison Jane Reid.

Support Your Favourite Organic Culture Magazine for Bridgerton, The Sanditon Review, Slow Glam, Foodie Stories & VIP Rewards

First look at Bridgerton, the Arrival of the Sanditon Review, Magazine Subscriptions, Slow Glam, Organic Foodie Recipes and Our Exciting Live Magazine Culture Show. Support your Favourite Indie Culture Magazine with A Subscription today.

Glamcycled Fashion Rules the Roost at Design Blender Atelier

Glamcycled Fashion, remember, you read it here first. In tough times, fashion is outrageous declared Elsa Schiaparelli, and she's right. Design Blender Atelier glamcycles cast-off clothing into opulent, slow fashion masterpieces.

Vintage Fashion Find: Sixties Jean Varon Beige Dress from Harrods

Here is this week's vintage fashion piece to treasure column. Consider a Jean Varon vintage designer dress at Oxfam Online in the palest peach or beige. A shade that is very flattering. The dress is in perfect condition, considering its age. It was originally purchased from Harrods in 1963.

Hayley Menzies: The Forever Duster Coat with Tigers, Leopards, Prancing Ponies or Candy Tripes

Hayley Menzies is a London-based ethical fashion designer with a cult following reports Alison Jane Reid. Menzies is renowned for her Portobello-inspired rich hippie fashion including her iconic jacquard wool or cotton duster coat embellished with tigers, leopards, prancing ponies or falcons.

Marilyn Monroe, Eternally, Sustainably in Style

Marilyn Monroe is our eternal style icon this month, inspired by Alfred Eisenstaedt's iconic 1953 image of Marilyn at home dressed in snow white Capri pants and a simple black turtleneck. Now create the look with the pick of sustainable luxury fashion made to last.
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