Clothing with a conscience: the sustainable scarf of dreams

Your grandmother knitting away inside the house for the family, playing in the snow as a child, taking a stroll through a park while enchanting snowflakes are dancing around in the air: all these images come to life through this beautiful, handcrafted, fair trade wool scarf from People Tree.

people tree scarf 3

Crafted by artisans from Nepal with a heavyweight ribbed-knit from 100% wool, which comes in two colours: a seductive, rich burgundy reminiscent of pomegranates, and an magnetic, deep blue as though made from sapphires, this scarf will keep you protected from the harsh cold, while simultaneously adding a luxurious and sophisticated pop of colour to your winter outfit. The scarf would make a wonderful investment fashion piece or Christmas gift to treasure.

The simplicity, yet attention to detail is what makes this scarf so special. Instead of opting for the traditional tartan or multi-coloured patterns, the artisans working for People Tree have chosen to let the vibrant colours and texture shine, as the intricate honeycomb pattern is simply a sight for sore eyes and it combines elegance and comfort in this fair trade piece of clothing.

The eco-friendly fashion winter hero

There’s a reason why pure wool is a staple to keep the cold at bay during winter time: the fibres trap dry, warm air near the skin, protecting you from the harsh wind and low temperatures much more effectively during the cold months. This, together with the long durability of the wool fibres, and the hypoallergenic properties of the material, are only a few of the amazing qualities of this 100% wool handmade scarf.

But it’s not just this that makes this scarf so sublime: it’s the people. No machine has touched this garment; it was made by artisans at the Kumbeshwar Technical School in Nepal, who produce high-quality, hand-knitted cardigans, jumpers, hats and other clothing items and accessories. Every loop and every inch of this scarf has its unique story and journey, and just like us, there are no two alike. And by buying this scarf, you’re keeping the story alive, as the funds are used to further support fair trade income-generating programmes for its producers and allow artisans to continue their dreams of making beautiful clothing without compromising their integrity or family life.

People Tree Textured Scarf – £49.00

Written by editorial intern Andreea Dulgheru. Andreea is studying for an MA in journalism at Kingston University