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Testimonials – The Glitterati Love EH

Alexandra Dowling - Actress and star of the BBC hit drama the Musketeers says -

'Alison Jane’s ethical hedonist magazine is an amazing resource for all things stylish and fabulous as well as having heart.The ethical hedonist magazine is an example of how we don’t necessarily have to compromise on the things we love to be kind.'

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History Lovers! Hang Out with The Duke of Wellington at Trinity House!

  Okay, that is stretching the imagination a teeny bit, as the dashing duke passed away quietly in 1852, after a rather exciting life, which included outstanding service in sixty battles and being celebrated as an ice cool, master, military tactician. However, here is a rare chance to gaze at Arthur Wellesley, 1st The Duke […]

Now One of the Most Important Men in My Life -  Theo Bambacus, Head Colorist at Grip London.

Mislay a Decade! Take your hair on a ColourHerbe Roman Holiday!

A Colour Transformation at Grip Natural and Organic Hair Salon, Wimbledon Village   When she was pregnant, Joan Rivers famously declared – ‘wake me up when the hairdresser arrives’ – Joan you are a woman after my own heart. Fabulous hair gives a girl confidence and air of invincibility, while Colourherbe, ammonia free, natural hair […]

Organic Health and Beauty

How to Create Goddess, Swishable Tresses

Top Ten Luxe Organic and Natural Haircare

Top Ten Luxe Organic and Natural Haircare Organic health and beauty products to treat yourself with nature’s finest ingredients. Research and writing by Interns Femke Gow, Arnelle Paterson. Edited by Alison Jane Reid Your hair is a thing of natural beauty, and it deserves, as do you, the best of what nature has to offer! […]

How to Create Goddess, Swishable Tresses

Goddess Hair, Naturally

Goddess Hair, Naturally A look through history at how women have used natural ingredients in their everyday beauty routines to care for their hair and skin, and which of our luxuriously green icons still do. Written and Researched by Femke Gow. Edited By Alison Jane Reid Natural-looking hair in a plastic bottle – a paradox. Surely your […]

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Gold Skull Slow Luxe Ethical Candle By Corpo Sancto

Object of Desire: Upcycled Candelabra & Sexy Biker Chic Candles!

Upcycled Candelabra, Candles and the Romance of the Road   The Ethical Hedonist  can never resist a dash of wit and  upcycled reinvention! Who wouldn’t want to give house room to a repurposed, sustainably luxe candelabra that turns  functional, Cinderella, flotsam and jetsam  from an industrial age into a covetable piece of interior art that […]


Pixie Geldof and Nick Grimshaw with Ethical Hedonist Editor, Alison Jane Reid

Splash! Pixie Geldof and Nick Grimshaw with a Hammerhead!

Great reportage photography is exciting to see and has a timeless drama. Composition, quick-fire creativity and juxtaposition is all.  Photographer Alexandria Warren Hall,  brilliantly captures all the action for EH Mag Social at the Oceana Fashioning the Future evening at Phillips on Berkeley Square. Here Pixie Geldof is captured talking about her passion for the […]

Aidan Turner Iconic Seascape

Poldark: A Meditation on Love, Compassion and Power

  Poldark – A Meditation On Love, Compassion and Power By Feature Writer and Editor-in-Chief Alison Jane Reid The new Poldark is a triumph of six packs, Cornwall’s eminence grise, cathedral cliffs, and something rather fascinating, that deserves closer scrutiny – a clever polemic on greed and the survival of the fittest – versus compassion, […]

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Slow Luxe Fashion

Paloma Faith in the Final of The Voice, dressed in an angelic, couture chiffon gown

Paloma Faith – Ice Queen Angel in Silvan Couture Dress

Paloma Faith just gets better and better.  She’s fiercely talented, exudes charm and grace as a woman and I just loved this Flight of Fantasy angelic chiffon, couture gown chosen for her appearance on the Final of The Voice on BBC 1. This is pure, theatrical, showgirl couture! The structure of the gown is startling […]


Sustainable Lace Maxi Dress at Young British Designers

Sustainable Lace Maxi Dress By Kirsty Ward at Young British Designers Young British Designer Kirtsy Ward’s distinctive collection features a long lacy beacon of divine, sustainable style elegance. Written and researched by Femke Gow. Edited By Alison Jane Reid “Fashions fade – style is eternal.” – Yves Saint Laurent The Sustainable Lace Maxi Dress  – […]

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Slow Luxe Travel

The Holiday You will Never, Ever Forget to Mount Kilimanjaro, with Inspired Escapes

Slow Luxe Travel Hotspots – Experience the Extraordinary!

Three sustainable travel hotspots around the world for you to explore intelligently and luxuriously.  Written and Researched By Femke Gow. Edited By Alison Jane Reid. Nothing is more of a sublime, sustainable beacon of natural glory than the tallest freestanding mountain on Earth, Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro. Inspired Escapes offer the alternative Kili experience, in which […]

Sonal founder of Charity Educating the Children with the Masai

A Night of Adventure and Philanthropy – Dreaming of Africa!

    The World is a Book, and Those Who Do Not Travel Read Only a Page – St Augustine Buy  £10.00 Tickets Here: EH Readers  – Use Code PROMOCODE  for £5.00 tickets – this excludes copy of Psychologies Magazine. Proceeds Go to ETC – Educating the Children Charity in the Masai Mara.   […]

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Integrated Medicine

What not buy an organic veg box to help kickstart  your detox

Time to Detox and Let Go Says Nutritionist Elizabeth Montgomery

  Time to Detox and Let Go Says Nutritionist Elizabeth Montgomery Springtime has finally arrived. Now is the time when the earth is bursting to life with new growth and ever increasing daylight hours. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the expansive energies of early spring make it the ideal time to detoxify. Here are a […]

Dr Charles Glassman - Coach MD

Five Golden Keys to Attracting More Money By Charles Glassman Coach MD!

  Five Golden Keys to Attracting More Money By Charles Glassman Coach MD!   Practice Gratitude and Transform the Way You Think About Money Now! Dr. Glassman is known the world over as CoachMD. With over 25-years in practice as a medical doctor in the US, he has come to realize that what gets us sick […]


Mr Wrong -  The Ethical Hedonist's Star Dating Columnist, and Secretly Mr Right!

The Love Couch with Mr Wrong

Dear Mr Wrong, I recently discovered that my husband ‘Alan’ has been having an affair with his PA.   I had no idea – but apparently it started at the Christmas party more than 2 months ago.  He and I are both 42.  She is 27.  I feel utterly betrayed. I have devoted my life to him for […]

Mr Wrong -  The Ethical Hedonist's Star Dating Columnist, and Secretly Mr Right!

The Love Couch with Mr Wrong – Where is Daniel Craig?

Dear Mr Wrong, I’ve been divorced for 5 years now, baggage sorted and ready to move on, hopefully with a grown-up, kind, normal, genuine man. But WHERE IS HE??   I’m not expecting Colin Firth or Daniel Craig (OK, maybe Daniel Craig would be nice – a girl can dream, can’t she?) My friends tell me […]



May Horoscope 2015 By Alex Trenoweth

Aries Some people might call it curiosity whilst others will just call it being nosey. This month, you are on information overdrive and will stop at nothing to get all the gossip you need. Phone calls and emails or tweets and likes: no form of social media is safe. They say you should learn something […]


April Horoscope By Alex Trenoweth

April Horoscope By Alex Trenoweth I am delighted to introduce you all to the wonderful Alex Trenoweth, as our very talented new astrologer. Alex takes over the stellar reins from my colleague, Victor Olliver, with his blessing. Victor brilliantly arranged the match-making, as he is now very busy editing The Astrological Society Journal, a job […]

Eat Local and Organic

Wouldn't It Be Divine to Skip Over to The Dorchester for a Flower Power Inspired, Laurent Perrier Tea!

The Dorchester Flower Power Afternoon Tea!

  “Great Love Affairs Start with Champagne and End with Tisane” Honore de Balzac The Dorchester Flower Power Tea Celebrates the Chelsea Flower Show Calling the modern Holly Golightly’s…Hands up who wants throw on their prettiest day dress, and skip off to The Dorchester for the most inventive, flower power afternoon tea in town? We […]

Abel and Cole's New Salad Box

A Spring Feast of Organic Food Delights and Festivals

Abel & Cole What is the secret of happiness? Eating vibrant, delicious food, grown in season that feeds your body, soul and heart. Seek out the freshest, Uk grown organic food, from small, local producers. A box scheme is a brilliant way to start, as you don’t have to hunt down all the ingredients! It’s […]

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